Garmin Watches

Classy and Sporty Garmin Watches

Our selection of Garmin watches cater to a large community of fitness enthusiasts. From stylish and classic designs to the sturdy and sporty look, your fitness tracker will sit comfortably on your wrist. Our professional and experienced staff can help you discover the perfect watch with a tracker and various monitoring features that will suit your requirements.

Benefits of a Garmin Tracker Watch

A Garmin fitness tracker watch can help you reach your health and exercise goals. You can select a model from the Garmin range that:

  • Is a stylish hybrid smartwatch: These classic watch displays, such as the vivomove HR model, are an ideal wrist accessory for your workplace and for exercising. You can monitor your step count, calories, heart rate and more throughout the day without needing to swap your watch for a bulky tracker. This tracker allows you to easily transition between time display and smart mode when you need to save the battery life. 
  • Will access your phone features: You can easily see new text messages, respond to phone calls or access your calendar with a glance at your wrist. The Garmin high technology watches contain features that help to make your life easier and more convenient, such as receiving notifications, helping to find your phone and storing and playing music through a Bluetooth headset.
  • Can map your route: Whether you want to map your route through the app before you begin or you need to find your way back to a starting point, a Garmin fitness watch will store the information. Some watch models, such as the Fenix 5 plus, have a premium built-in navigation sensor with multi-satellite network capabilities for help tracking through tough terrain.

Tips Regarding Fitness Tracker Watch

Consider these helpful tips to get optimal performance from your tracker.

  • Set up an accurate profile: You can personalise your user account that is linked to your watch for premium monitoring results. Ensure that you fill out the required fields accurately such as your height, weight and gender.
  • Wear the tracker on your less dominant wrist: There are several benefits to wearing your watch on your less dominant arm, including decreasing the risk of bumping or damaging your new investment. You will get more accurate data on your tracker, such as step count or sleep information, as this arm will move less. 
  • Keep the battery charged: It is essential that you schedule a time to charge your battery to ensure that it doesn´t go flat at a crucial time, for example, at the gym. You can put your watch into battery saving mode to extend its charge life when you are at rest or stationary for long periods. 

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