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    Genuine Seiko Replacement Straps

    Sometimes your watch just doesn't look any good without an original Seiko Strap. At H&S we carry stock of the most popular straps, but contact us & we shall try to source original straps in other styles & sizes.

    Your watch doesn't have to be a Seiko to be enhanced by fitting a genuine Seiko Strap!

    Just note the lug width of your watch and the appropriate Seiko strap will fit.

    Yes. All watches have a standard lug width. That is the size of the gap where the strap fits up to the watch. Simply measure that distance. If it is say 20mm, then a 20mm Seiko Genuine Strap will fit.
    Seiko genuine straps are made to an exacting standard by Seiko. Provided you keep the silicone ones away from solvents, they tend to last much longer than the generic ones.
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