The Most Sort-After G-Shock Watch This Christmas GMWB5000

The latest in Premium Limited Edition G-Shock has arrived!

This is new variation on the full-metal GMW-B5000 that incorporate titanium material into their square-face design, which inherits plenty of the DNA of the original G-SHOCK DW-5000C.

The case, band, bezel, and back cover of this new model is made of lightweight, easy-on-the-wrist titanium, and weighs just 110 grams–57 grams less than its steel predecessor.. Titanium is notorious as being a material that is difficult to work with, and its application in this model represents a significant achievement. In addition to its titanium features, the new GMW-B5000TB adds diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating and replaces the glass with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for added protection and durability. With added details including smartphone connectivity through Bluetooth, Tough Solar charging and an STN-LCD for readability, the timepiece ensures functionality with its upgraded form.

The GMW-B5000TCM model is based on the GMW-B5000TB with titanium case, bezel, band, and back, which is laser engraved with a distinctive camouflage pattern. After a DLC coating is applied to the case and band, the gradations of the camouflage pattern are created by using dot patterns of three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

This new full-metal GMW-B5000 Series watch maintains the original G-SHOCK concept while improving overall timekeeping quality.

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