Seiko Supercars Watch 2021 Limited Edition

Seiko, through it's brand "Pulsar" have a history of sponsoring Australian Supercars and Team 18 for some years now.

With the "Pulsar" brand withdrawing from Australia, sponsorship of Team 18 and Supercars has fallen to the parent brand, "Seiko" for 2021 & into the future.

Seiko have chosen a variant of the popular "Seiko 5 Automatic" to be basis of the 2021 Limited Edition Supercars Watch.

With production delays brought on by the pandemic, the 2021 Limited Edition wasn't released until Bathurst 2021, so the 2021 model will sell on into early 2022.

Each watch is individually numbered on the case back and is presented in a display box with a certificate of authenticity.

You can view the watch here :

Here are Seiko specifications of the watch :