Seiko Original Silicone Straps are best

Here at H&S Jewellers we have trialled many aftermarket replacement straps.

We have discovered it very much appears that you get what you pay for!

ALL straps benefit from not being exposed to solvents ( Diesel & petrol being the worst offenders)

It does stand to reason that a Seiko Genuine strap will outlast most aftermarket ones. When Seiko sell you a brand new watch, they & you, don't want to think about replacing the strap for at least a couple of years, even if you wear the watch daily.

Now, I can't talk for professional divers, who are subjecting their Seiko Divers to extreme environments daily. But, generally speaking. we find a $99 Seiko Genuine Strap in silicone in a 20MM, Part number R03E011J0, will last about 3 times as long as a generic aftermarket strap that costs $35.

I don't know what it is in the manufacture that the aftermarkets cannot replicate, but the genuine Seiko strap remains comfortable & flexible & is not as prone to "tearing"

The genuine Seiko strap has a Stainless Steel buckle & keeper. The keeper, when made of silicone, is very often the first point of failure in a strap.

So, for our customers we keep the 20mm Seiko Strap, Part Number R03E011J0 in stock. This strap is supplied on Seiko model SPB147 & will fit just about any watch that has a 20mm lug width.

We also stock the Seiko 22mm Strap, Part R043014J0. This one is supplied originally on Seiko Model SNJ025 & will fit just about any watch that has a 22mm lug width.


Genuine Seiko Silicone Straps can be viewed by clicking here.