"PEANUTS" Seiko Watch Limited Editions SRPK27K & SRPK25K Available Now

 Do you ever wish that you could travel back in time to the fond memories from your childhood? Eating roasted peanuts by the fireplace while watching The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show on the CBS Network… well what if I told you that all of this can happen, with just one click onto the H&S jewellers website to pre-order the Seiko 5 Sports Limited Edition Snoopy Watch! Come and join us as we celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Seiko 5 Sports imprint. The warmth, nostalgia and memories all encompassed into two beautiful Vintage PEANUTS Concept watches. Inspired by the archives of the Peanut comics dating back to 1968, Seiko 5 Sports' memorable first year. Take a piece of happiness with you everywhere, by pre-ordering the SRPK25K for $595 with only 8,900 pieces manufactured in the entire world! While the SRPK27K priced at only $575 has a small quantity, amounting to only 6,500 pieces ever made! Both watches contain a 3 year warranty guarantee. Every collectors dream that can be made into a reality. Be the first to own both of these watches now! Both available to pre-order now on the H&S jewellers website. 

The limited edition SRPK25K consists of graphics derived straight from the original comics, capturing cartoon Snoopy peering over his surfboard, embodying the shy, yet playful side of him that we all know and love. This story swiftly unfolds as you turn to the case back of the watch to catch a glimpse of Snoopy riding a wave. Details such as the Shulz font which was the font created by Charles Shulz himself was used in the original comics and is used in this watch for the numerals on each piece. The watch has animated analogue hands which are deliberately employed to enhance the comical imagery of Snoopy and his whimsical journey. When opening the box a little story of Snoopy's adventures unfolds, starting with him surfing, to then transitioning into Charlie Brown an friend observing Snoopy riding a wave. This watch exhibits a youthful looking grey and white nylon watch strap to represent the light-hearted spirit within us all. Another thoughtful detail which enhances this comical watch is Snoopy's pawprint engraved on the bezel. For your comfort the watch is an automatic and 100 metres water resistant and contains a dive bezel. It is a casual and smart every day wear watch that you can personalise and dress up or down. The case is stainless steel, juxtaposing with the hardlex glass white dial watch face. The case diameter is 38mm which is a perfect size for the watch dial as it is neither too big or too small. Additionally, this watch includes a pull out crown, hand winding capability on the one way rotating bezel and weighs 72 grams. This weight indicates the authenticity and reliability of the watch as it is structured and strong. Efficiently, the battery life comprises of 41 Hours Power Reserve. The watch includes calendar indicators, with the date and day of the week given to direct you to an accurate recount of what the day consists of.  Lumibrite on the hands and markers is added as an extra facet on the watch, with high glow intensity to help read the watch even in a dark room. Moreover it is environmentally friendly as the glow in the dark function runs on sunlight. To commemorate this special watch, the back is engraved with the words  'LIMITED EDITION'. All of these features and more are all carefully crafted for your comfort and happiness. This is all included within the amazing price, costing only $595!

In contrast, the SRPK27K portrays Snoopy taking a stroll on his scooter with his best friend Woodstock accompanying him as his trustee pilot and Snoopy steering the scooter with his floppy beagle ears propelling them into the sky, creating a sound effect of a helicopter taking off. Subsequently the journey unravels, transitioning into Snoopy strapped into a parachute in the sky featured on the case back, symbolising his adventure of fun and excitement. The style of the watch has a more formal tone as the watchband is a black leather strap. The movement is as well automatic with a  manual winding capacity bezel with unidirectional rotation. Additionally 'LIMITED EDITION' as well engraved on the case back and the amount of pieces manufactured. Conveniently you can wear the watch swimming as it consists of 10 bar water resistance meaning the watch is 100 metres water resistant. It is as well 4,800 A/m magnetic resistance which helps the watch continue to operate as it will not be magnetised. Similarly to the SRPK25K the SRPK27K as well features Snoopy's pawprint showcased in the middle of the bezel. As you open the box a little series of pictures are revealed of Snoopy flying in the sky on his scooter. Considerately, the watch consists of 24 jewels to help with the timepiece's movement. For your benefit, this amount of jewels are used to elevate the efficiency of the watch. Moreover this sweet and elegant watch weighs only 62 grams, this is an optimal weight to have on the wrist as it is comfortable on the wrist wear for everyday use or for special occasions you know that it will serve you for the whole day without any worries. The case diameter is 36.4mm which is a classic watch size for both men and women. In addition, this watch has Lumibrite on the hands and indexes, so that you can read your watch at any time of the day.

If this has not convinced you yet, come see them in store now at H&S Jewellers in the Paradise Centre, Surfers Paradise.


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