New Diesel Big Daddy in Stock Now DZ7421

A Diesel watch is the physical translation of the approach Diesel takes: a clash of different languages and materials but with a strong mechanical touch. Diesel watches reflect the confident, assertive nature of the brand and its wearers. Taking inspiration from military, denim and rock and roll, they don't follow the rules of casual watch design, preferring instead to blaze new ground whenever possible. Bold, rebellious, and never shy, Diesel doesn't follow trends; it created them. With a distinctive look and a unique voice, Diesel constantly moves style forward.

The DZ7421 is a perfect example of Diesel's trail-blazing, trend setting mindset. Available now at H&S Jewellers, the latest 'Sandblasted' Diesels are a collection that goes against the grain. These watches have a head-turning edge thanks to refreshed textured finishes. The DZ7421 case and bracelet are sandblasted until completely smooth, and get accentuated by subtle matte black accents.

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