Garmin Fenix 7 PRO. Is it worth it?

Garmin have opted for a mid life update of the Fenix 7. 

With updates to both the hardware & software, the question we are asked is, "is the 7 PRO worth the extra money?  Spoiler alert !  IT 100% IS WORTH IT!  Read on to find out why.

Put simply, the Fenix 7 PRO ( it comes in 3 sizes) is the best value GPS watch money can buy. The PRO performs wonderfully in every day use & caters to the serious athlete looking for all day health tracking and high accuracy.

All 7 PRO models now have a built in flashlight ( handy for night running) an upgraded Heart Rate Sensor ( more accurate with the first appearance of the all new Garmin Elevate 5 PPG sensor) and multi band GPS tracking.

So the 7 PRO fills an interesting gap between the Garmin Fenix 7 and the Fenix 8 ( release date unknown) & therefore features some good upgrades, but perhaps Garmin are holding some back for the 8?

The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro provides the best user experience and customization across any GPS watch on the market. Even as the market continues to grow and competition increases, Garmin has continued to set the bar. This update to the Fenix line adds a flashlight, improved heart rate accuracy, solar charging, and loads of new performance metrics. If you can foot the bill, Garmin and the Fenix 7 Pro are the best you can buy.

Garmin has made multi-band GPS a standard feature on the Fenix 7 Pro range, while only the sapphire models in the Fenix 7 range have it, and the transflective memory-in-pixel displays on the Pro watches are meant to be brighter and clearer in low-light conditions. One smaller update is that all Pro watches have 32GB of storage, the same as the sapphire Fenix 7 watches, whereas the non-sapphire Fenix 7 watches had only 16GB.

The flashlight is a clear upgrade, since it’s useful to have it on your watch at times and then completely unobtrusive when you don’t need it. A torch you don't need to hold is very useful in some scenarios, such as searching your tent at night. The watch throws a useful amount of light.

Fenix 7 pro Garmins now get a boost in battery life with the addition of Solar Charging. During an activity you can expect 75 hours of GPS Tracking. Switch to one minute GPS tracking and this will extend to around 190 hours, surely plenty for just about any activity! Solar charging extends the battery life, but you can't rely on it solely.

The touch screen makes it a dream to use & can easily be tuned off.


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