KING SEIKO A Reissue Like No Other - You Must Check This Out SJE083

The King Seiko KSK SJE083, a reissue of one of the most important references for the brand, the 1960 King Seiko ref. 44-9990. This is a watch that celebrates a critical decade in the history of the Japanese watchmaker that deserves greater recognition.

Being in Japan Seiko didn't have the luxuries of those in Europe, where the watch industry was generally very horizontally structured, with hundreds of watchmaking businesses focused on only producing very specific parts. This would allow companies to pour their energy into the craft of perfecting it.

Seiko didn’t have any other watchmakers they could rely on to make components for them. However Seiko adapted their production techniques to be self contained. But not only did Seiko decide they needed their production line kept in-house, they also wanted the competitive desire to produce fine watches to burn from within.

Enough history, here's some more about this awesome time piece.

The new King Seiko KSK SJE083 is based on the second series of King Seiko watches that was released in 1965. A key part of why the case looks the way that it does is thanks to a man named Taro Tanaka. He was the first ever “watch designer” employed by Seiko, and was responsible for a design language that is still clearly visible in modern Seiko and Grand Seiko watches today.

Ticking away in the King Seiko KSK SJE083 is the automatic Seiko calibre 6L35 that offers time, date, hacking seconds and runs at a rate of 28,8000vph. This is a more advanced version of Seiko’s well-known 6R15 caliber, and has so far been reserved for only a handful of higher-end references within the Seiko Presage collection.

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