Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Seiko Astron SSE022

The Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Astron Model SSE022 only 2500 pieces worldwide, each caseback individually numbered.

This watch is beautifully presented with a Rose Gold Plate over Stainless Steel.

Accurate time, Harnessing the power of GPS.

Once a day when fully charged, Seiko Astron receives the time signal automatically and, on demand, connects to four or more of the GPS satellites that orbit the earth, thus pinpointing its position and identifying the time zone and the exact time. The hands automatically adjust to the correct local time with atomic clock precision.

No need to EVER change a battery. Astron is entirely self-sustaining and takes all the power it needs from light.

The calendar, will be correct and accurate until February 2100, irrespective of Leap years.

Other features of this incredible watch include: a 4 year power reserve, Water resistant to 100m, Sapphire Crystal & Stopwatch.

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