Find Women's Designer Watches from the Michael Kors Brand: Buy Online in Australia, from H&S Jewellers

In 1981, the Michael Kors collection made its debut. Today, Michael Kors is a global name in fashion, known for everything from handbags to footwear to accessories. At H&S Jewellers, we are happy to offer some of the very best products that the Michael Kors line has to offer, in the form of luxury watches for women.

In recent years, the Michael Kors brand has taken a turn to smartwatches and fitness trackers. At H&S Jewellers, the Michael Kors watches that we sell in Australia are more classic and traditional. These timeless watch designs boast traditional analogue faces and high quality stainless steel designs. Many include rose gold plates, while some are accented with stunning mother of pearl faces or sparkling stone settings. These watches are gorgeous examples of the craft.

Choosing the Right Michael Kors Watch for You

If you are thinking about buying a Michael Kors watch online from H&S Jewellers, note that we offer more than 20 different designs. These watches run a range of different styles, colours and price points. Some watches offer simple and spartan designs with sundial faces and little more. Others incorporate date and stopwatch functions. Some include no numbers on the face, while others incorporate Arabic numbers or Roman numerals. Most are 39mm in size, but some models are larger (42 or 44mm) or slightly smaller (38mm).

Regardless of which watch style you choose; Michael Kors watches have a way of complementing just about any type of clothing ensemble or sense of style. In other words, you can hardly go wrong with any of the Michael Kors watches available from Australia's H&S Jewellers.

Need Help Selecting the Perfect Michael Kors Watch in Australia? Call H&S Jewellers Today

Perhaps you are shopping for yourself and are trying to match a watch with a cocktail dress. Maybe you are shopping for your girlfriend or wife and need help picking out the perfect watch. Regardless what you are looking for or why you are shopping, our associates at H&S Jewellers want to make things easy for you. We are here to help you find the perfect Michael Kors watch.

If you are shopping online, you can start browsing the H&S Jewellers selection of Michael Kors watches by clicking here. Our online store includes full-colour renderings of all watches so that you can get a good sense of the visual flare and appeal of each one. Most of our product pages also include descriptions of the watch—including information about the design, tips on what outfits the watch goes well with and more. We have designed these pages to make your shopping experience easier.

If you still need a bit of assistance, feel free to give us a call at H&S Jewellers. While we now offer a place to buy Michael Kors watches online, we started as a brick and mortar store in Surfer's Paradise in 1968. We are still there today and are available to take your call during our store hours. Call us 1300 754 450 to speak directly with one of our sales associates.